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Student story

Ben Walsh

20 July 2023

"I wouldn’t ask for any other hall staff..."


Studying towards a Conjoint Bachelor of Product Design and Science in Statistics and Industrial Product Design

What inspired your Science and Product Design degree?

Elon Musk and his pursuit to Mars and fully electric cars. I want to accelerate the production of electric cars and renewable energy, and make as many people smile as I can.

How have your studies been going so far with that goal?

My degree is very hands on but it also has a great balance of written and practical work. It seems to have everything I need to reach my goals and stay happy. I enjoy the diversity of lecturers and abundance of equipment and resources needed to academically succeed.

Is this what also made you choose to stay in a hall of residence?

I chose to live in a hall because I wanted to make as many friends as I could in my first year whilst maintaining an efficient studying schedule. I enjoy the ease of making friends and the equipment access we have to study and remain mentally, physically fit.

Was there any challenges from living in a hall in your first year?

Social awareness; coming from a farm I haven’t realised what it’s like to come from a different background, but this hall showed me what it’s like to be different, and is forever accepting of different opinions.

What I think is the most important part of the halls is to make as many friends as you can, and whilst it’s easy, be social, and don’t be so hard on yourself.

What’s the best thing about Tupuānuku?

I wouldn’t ask for any other hall staff. The entire team is extremely helpful and understanding. They aren’t just staff but friends.

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