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Student story

Gursamrath Oberoi

20 July 2023

"The interactive learning method has really increased my curiosity for the course..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Product Design in Industrial Product Design

Gursamrath is studying one of the newest degrees offered at UC! The Product Design student’s natural curiosity for creating, building and testing is a perfect fit at UC.

"I had applied for some Universities in the US and UK, however, my Father and I were hesitant about me studying in America and London. We attended a workshop on International Education and there we decided to go ahead with New Zealand as a country, and UC as the University. We dropped the US, I did some research and found that UC was actually ranked higher than the ones I had been accepted into in the US. After this we went to our counsellor and told them about our interest in UC."

For Gursamrath and his family, safety was very important when deciding where to pursue international education outside of India. In the 2017 Global Peace Index, New Zealand was named the second safest country in the world.

"New Zealand is a lot safer than other countries, it is also one of the most scenic countries in the world. This made me more interested in studying in New Zealand."

Product Design is extremely unique, as UC is the only University in the South Island to offer this qualification. The combination of three disciplines gives graduates diverse career options and a wide scope of potential employers.

"Industrial Product Design has offered me a range of opportunities, it’s a unique combination of design, engineering and marketing. Studying this has given me an open mind, particularly when deciding what I will do a master’s degree in."

The brand new Rutherford Regional Science Centre and the Engineering Hub make for an exciting and state-of-the-art learning experience.

"In our lab experiments, we disassemble daily use appliances to understand how the materials make the appliance work. We also test the strength of 3D printed materials, this is a very good learning experience at the start of the course. The interactive learning method has really increased my curiosity for the course."

Academics are always willing to assist you at UC, and Gursamrath has found his lecturers both knowledgeable and friendly.

"The teachers here are very helpful and answer all doubts with patience and respect and solve even the smallest of doubts and never make you feel out of the place or uncomfortable."

For Gursamrath, the student events are an essential way to de-stress between classes and meet other students.

"The student environment here at UC is really good, the student events here are great! One of the biggest clubs on campus is ENSOC (Engineering Society), hold BBQ events quite often, the BBQ gatherings are a great way to meet new people and make new friends."

Like many International students, Gursamrath chose to stay at the Ilam Apartments. The apartments are a 5-minute walk to the lecture halls and across the road from the beautiful Ilam gardens and homestead.

"I have stayed in the accommodation on campus for more than a year now and I must say they provide good service as the flats are very well maintained."

"UC provides you with an overall good feeling and positive vibe which helps you to be more focused on your goals."

After Gursamrath completes his studies, he aims to go into the design and manufacturing industry.

"My career goals are to be a designer/manufacturer for specific parts required by a company and to design and make aesthetic modifications for automobiles."

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