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Student story

Hannah Jepsen

20 July 2023

"The course provides the necessary tools to turn ideas into tangible solutions..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Product Design in Industrial Product Design

What drew you to Product Design studies at UC?

I liked the look of the Industrial Product Design major and the University campus. Industrial Product Design covers a broad range of topics, such as commerce, science, engineering, and design. The course teaches problem solving and analytical skills, as well as empathetic skills to develop practical and suitable solutions to problems. 

How about the campus?

The campus offers great spaces like cafés and recreational spots for different activities. I enjoy meeting with and spending time with people at University. 

I often take part in Student Life and UC Navigator events, and am the secretary of ProdSoc. I am also quite active with the classes at the UC RecCentre, such as boxing fitness. I have also used the Student Support services – it was really helpful to talk through what I was experiencing with someone who was able to guide me.

Do you know where you would like to end up with your studies?

Initially I was motivated by the prospects of making a practical difference on the effects of climate change. It is still something that encourages me, but now I feel a greater drive towards understanding the intricate workings of the natural world. 

As a designer, I believe there is a great deal that we can learn from it and can implement into design to be more environmentally and socially sustainable.  

So what is your new career goal?

I would love to pursue a career that focuses on incorporating environmental sustainability solutions into urban design. But I am also intrigued by career prospects that involve cooking and gardening! Cooking is a passion. I find experimenting with different ingredients and methods of cooking really exciting. But most of all I enjoy tasting new flavours and exploring food with others.

What do you recommend for other Product Design students trying to find their place in the world?

Enjoy the process of learning and know that it is okay to make mistakes. There will be rough patches, difficult assignments, and times when you have no idea what you are doing. But working through these things is where some of the greatest self-discoveries come from. 

The course provides the necessary tools to turn ideas into tangible solutions. As designers, it gives great opportunities to explore a range of subjects and thought processes that make us problem solvers. 

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