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Student story

Holly Rose Hunt

20 July 2023

"I feel like I can really go all in and get excited about the future..."


Bachelor of Product Design in Industrial Product Design

Urban Dance Teacher, Swarm Studios

Holly looks forward to developing her ideas through Product Design studies, which she says is an inspiring "fusion of engineering, business, and creativity".

"We are encouraged to use creativity to do something that can actually one day benefit the world," she says. "Knowing I'm learning about things that could do something significant is important to me, because I feel like I can really go all in and get excited about the future."

Following business studies at Ara, Holly decided to pursue further studies that combined her interests in maths and physics with her creative personality.

UC was the only place to offer the Product Design degree that suited her best, and was also a good choice to help her grow both academically and personally.

"The culture is awesome,' she says. "The staff, lecturers, and professors are really helpful and I can tell they genuinely care about what we learn, and how we achieve what we want to do."

She fully realised this when receiving support from Equity & Disability Service, after having ankle surgery a week before her first exams, and spending a large part of her first year on crutches.

"They were so accommodating and I don't know what I would've done without them. I would've been overwhelmed without their help," she says.

She looks forward to taking part more in clubs on campus now that she has recovered, especially ProdSoc.

"The School of Product Design and the faculty truly enable and guide you to come up with ideas and create solutions for day-to-day normal problems that a lot of people experience. To be completely honest, this kind of innovation is and is going to be, a hugely important part of our future. Especially as there is a major focus on sustainability in the course."

After graduating, Holly wants to first gain experience as a design engineer, before moving onto a career using her business and product development expertise.

"I would love to set up businesses around products that help people live a better life, then I can create and sell these and use the profits to give back to establishments that are doing something powerful for humanity." 

"I would also love to choreograph and produce shows or creative arts events worldwide (I'm a dancer as well, so I have two careers in mind that go hand in hand). Creating products, and creating performances."

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