Double and Conjoint degrees

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At UC, you may choose to study towards two bachelor's degrees and graduate with a unique skillset from both, giving you career flexibility and different opportunities. For those who have interests in diverse areas, a double or conjoint degree can provide complementary and enhanced knowledge, and give you the flexibility to work in a number of different disciplines and industries when you graduate. 

Working towards two separate degrees at the same time – a Double degree – means you may complete some combinations in four to five years.

UC also offers some Conjoint degree options, which combine two set degrees into a single bachelor's degree within four years of study.

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Careful course planning is necessary when you are planning on studying conjoint or double degrees, to avoid overload and to ensure all requirements for each degree are met. It's best to speak with someone about this before you apply.

Contact Te Rōpū Takawaenga o UC | UC Liaison Office (new students) or a Student Advisor in each relevant College or School (advancing students).