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WIL information for business and partners

13 September 2023

Is your organisation keen to host a student for an internship, placement, or project? Work-Integrated Learning (WIL) benefits organisations in multiple ways and it's a fantastic way to connect with UC and students. Have a look at our WIL information for business and partners and get in touch.


Is your organisation interested in hosting a student for an internship, placement, practicum or project? WIL has many benefits to your organisation including:

  • Provide support for projects
  • Experience fresh perspectives
  • Help shape tomorrow's leaders
  • Access to latest trends and technology
  • Mentorship opportunities for staff
  • Find talented employees
Opportunities at UC

There are many opportunities to partner with UC, with various other WIL opportunities available in our Faculties:


The Faculty of Arts offers a range of opportunities for partners to get involved. These are some of the areas where you may be interested in getting involved:


There are many opportunities to connect with UC Business School, from projects to internships, undergraduate to the Masters programmes - find out more.



Work-placed learning and work placements are an integral part of the Engineering qualification completed generally over the summer period.

There are also opportunities to connect with students during their final year projects.

To learn more, speak with the Faculty of Engineering Student Advisor team.


Health is a wide area with includes a number of different opportunities to connect:


Connect with the Faculty of Law if you are interested in being involved in supporting students in a real world setting.

There is also an opportunity to support students studying Criminal Justice through the PACE Internship Programme.


Depending on your area of interest, Science offers various ways to support students connecting their studies to an authentic real world setting

UC Careers

Is Work-Integrated Learning not quite right for your organisation? UC Careers can help you increase your on-campus brand and profile with UC students. Find out the other ways they support your organisation to recruit UC students and graduates.

One way to promote opportunities within your organisations, such as paid internship, clerkships, or projects free of charge (criteria applies), is through our recruitment platform NZUni Talent

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