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Deep industry engagement

21 August 2023

At UC Engineering our connections are based on real interactions that make engagement more meaningful for industry and our students. From partnering with industry to networking opportunities, find out about our deep industry engagement.

Partnering with industry

All of our engineering students do a final year project, 75% of which are funded by industry, which can lead to jobs. Most project ideas come from industry partners looking for a solution to a problem, or to design a new product. Companies benefit from the creative problem solving of students and, in many cases, use the opportunity to identify top students for future job opportunities.

Many companies provide scholarships to students, which can lead to employment opportunities.


Networking opportunities

UC hosts clubs such as the Engineering Students Society (ENSOC), Women in Engineering (WIE), and the UC Computer Society (CompSoc). Clubs engage with industry members throughout the year by running careers fairs, networking events, interview preparatory sessions, and guest speaker evenings.

UC runs employer information sessions and careers fairs to connect students with industry including an Engineering and Science Careers Fair and ICT Careers Fair.


Linking the energy industry to students

UC hosts the EPECentre (Electric Power Engineering Centre), a world-class power industry research incubator. They provide a link between academic research, industry, and students. With over 30 power industry partners, the EPECentre provides scholarships, careers fairs, field trips, and projects for students interested in the field of power engineering.

Luke Schwartfeger

Ngati Raukawa

Studying towards a PhD in Electrical Engineering 

“My project is co-funded by industry, so there’s been a lot of engagement for me. As students of the EPECentre we produce work and present it directly to industry leaders. As PhD students, we always want our research to be useful to the wider world.”

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