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Undergraduate Earth and Environment

02 November 2023

UC's School of Earth and Environment offers courses in Antarctica Studies, Environmental Science, Geology, Geography and Water Resource Management at undergraduate level. You can take Geology, Geography, and Environmental Science as a full degree. Check out Undergraduate Earth and Environment options at UC.


Earth is the only planet we have and sustains all life, we believe understanding how it works and how humans interact with it should be part of everyone's education!

Our undergraduate courses are designed both for students looking to specialise and for those taking a few courses while majoring in other subjects.

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Water Resource Students Working in Stream

Undergraduate subjects you can take as part of a BSc

Bachelor of Science Options

BSc in Environmental Science

BSc in Geology

BSc/BA in Geography

Geography at UC is both a Science and an Arts subject, meaning you can major as either a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Arts (BA). This gives you the flexibility to create a degree that fits your needs and interests.

Undergraduate study in Antarctic Studies and Water Resource Management

While you cannot major in Antarctic Studies or Water Resource Management as an undergraduate student, there are a range of courses you can take as part of any degree:

Bachelor of Environmental Science Options


BEnvSci(Hons) is a four-year degree that you can take one of 6 majors. 

The major options include:

There are numerous scholarships and prizes available to UC students at all levels.

We have key Geography and Geology Scholarships. Use the Scholarships database to search for other possible funding options.

Postgraduate study options are available in GeographyGeologyEnvironmental ScienceAntarctic StudiesWater Resource ManagementDisaster Risk and ResilienceEngineering Geology, Geospatial Data Science, and Urban Resilience and Renewal.

Students wishing to go on to postgraduate study should check the degree options and requirements via the Postgraduate Study page, and make sure they seek advice about entry requirements early.

Study at the School of Earth and Environment | Te Kura Aronukurangi can lead to a wide range of work environments and a career possibilities.

  • Visit our Careers page to find out more about where your studies could take you

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