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Student story

Stefanie Tibbotts

20 July 2023

"The courses are interesting, the lecturers are great and always willing to help, and the UCSA organises wicked events..."


Bachelor of Science in Geology and Geography

Studying towards a Master of Science in Environmental Science

Stefanie chose to study Geology and Geography at university due to a long-held interest in science subjects, which was solidified during the earthquakes of her first year studying. The variety of courses had her ‘hooked’ and she knew that she had made the right choice for future career prospects.

"While I enjoy the physical geography aspect, the courses that the Geography department provide comprise of a mix of human and physical geography which I believe is beneficial to understanding how we interact with the environment. It plays an important role in environmental management, which is where I’d like my career to go."

Carrying on to postgraduate study, she chose to incorporate the two subjects into master’s study in Environmental Science, to make the most of her previous knowledge and in the hope her research will "be able to make a difference".

"Choosing to do Environmental Science was an easy decision as it allows me to be flexible with the courses I can take, being able to do papers in each department. The courses that I thoroughly enjoyed include glacial studies, coastal studies and disaster management, in particular flooding and volcanology.

"I enjoy the active earth processes in terms of geomorphology and would like to research into this field for my master’s thesis."

Choosing UC initially was an easy decision for Stefanie, due to its reputation in her chosen subjects and its social opportunities.

"UC has a worldwide reputation for being in the top 3% of universities, and I really enjoy all the green spaces around campus," she says. "The courses are interesting, the lecturers are great and always willing to help, the UCSA organises wicked events and there are fantastic cafés that give a really good campus vibe."

Getting to take part in Geology and Geography field trips was a particular highlight from her undergraduate years, due to the chance for hands-on learning. "They are enjoyable as you get to know your classmates and get to see what is taught in lectures in real life," she says.

Stefanie also works as a Tutor for the Geography department, and teaches in some 100-level Geography course labs alongside her own research. As such, she advises anyone thinking of studying her subjects to get involved as much as possible to gain new experiences to apply to your own studies.

"Make the most of practical work and build relationships with other classmates, lecturers and other departmental people, as you never know what opportunities may arise," she says.

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