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12 December 2023

Here's some information to help get you started in Computer Science and Software Engineering (CSSE) at UC. From courses to degrees and certificates, learn more about studying with CSSE.

All CSSE Courses

All courses for Computer Science and Software Engineering on the University's course information system.

Computer Science

Our Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a flexible, three-year degree and students have the ability to incorporate a variety of elective courses. See our Computer Science page for more detail.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering is a discipline in the four-year Bachelor of Engineering with Honours. Most courses are prescribed and there are prerequisites and practical work requirements. See our Software Engineering page for more details about the programme.

Data Science

Our Bachelor of Science in Data  Science is one of the newest professions to come from this demand for effective storage, maintenance and use of 'big data'. Graduates with modern technical knowledge of computing systems and statistical simulation are needed to process information in a range of industries. See Data Science for more details.

Introductory courses

These depend on your degree.

These courses are required to advance to most of our second-year computer science papers. Data Science requires STAT 101 as well.

If you are not sure which degree you want to do yet, start with the Software Engineering First Year because it covers everything for both Software Engineering and Computer Science degrees.

Summer courses

CSSE offers summer courses at varying levels from November through to February. Currently on offer:

Double and Conjoint Degrees

With careful planning you may be able to do Double or Conjoint degrees. For example, you may be able to do a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Bachelor of Product Design in Applied Immersive Game Design. More information about Double and Conjoint degrees is available here.

Graduate certificate

The Graduate Diploma in Science will suit those who already have a Bachelor's degree but want a qualification in Computer Science.

High school students

High school students can do COSC courses via the STAR programme.

Courses for teachers

The department contributes to postgraduate teaching for educators.  See our Computer Science education page for courses.

Postgraduate learning

See our postgraduate information page for all postgraduate qualifications offered by the department.

Philosophy course

Now that enrolments are open, we would like to take the time and opportunity to promote the following Philosophy course. CSSE and Philosophy are working towards a closer relationship due to the shared interest in AI and research.

PHIL250 Turing: From the Computer Revolution to the Philosophy of AI

This course tells you (nearly) everything you ever wanted to know about Alan Turing, the birth of the computer, and the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence.

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