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Software Engineering (BE Hons)

07 November 2023

UC's Software Engineering programme provides a unique blend of foundational courses in Computer Science and Engineering. It includes practical work through a series of projects. Learn more about our Software Engineering (BE Hons).


A key difference setting Software Engineering apart from Computer Science is it is a discipline in the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), where Computer Science is a BSc subject. The BE(Hons) is a four-year degree that has prescribed first year courses, and three professional years with most courses prescribed. You must also complete 800 hours of practical work. There is a strong focus on large projects and teamwork.

The projects provide excellent opportunities to develop skills as a team player, to develop creative solutions to complex and challenging problems, to implement these solutions and turn them into usable systems, and to work with recent and exciting software technologies.

Courses and requirements

Taking the Software Engineering first-year courses leaves options open for first-year students who are not sure which degree to complete, as the prescribed courses include all the prerequisites for second year Computer Science.

Our reputation

We are an internationally recognised department with wide research interests and award-winning staff. QS World university rankings rate UC in the top 3 per cent of universities worldwide for engineering and technology.


New Zealand has a shortage of software engineers with local firms often recruiting overseas. Technical expertise, good communication and teamwork skills - all strong features of UC graduates - are prized by employers.

Software Engineering is a widely applicable discipline and not only needed in software development companies but also where products involve significant amounts of software. See the UC Careers Hub for more information on careers in Software Engineering.

Many students from the University of Canterbury have joined Google. We hire students from all different countries and backgrounds in order to ensure our products reflect the rich diversity of users.

"We visit the University of Canterbury each year to share with students Google's internships and university graduate roles. We have seen students from University of Canterbury thrive in Google's culture of innovation. Students from UC go on to work in offices around the world. One alumni went on to launch the Google New York engineering team."

Georgia Hamer, Google Australia and New Zealand

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