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23 November 2023

Dive into the dynamic evolution of the digital screen industry with UC's Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours. Explore virtual production, 3D storytelling, augmented reality, and more within our vibrant creative hub featuring world-class facilities. Join us in creating a collaborative space for film production, game development, and cross-reality technologies.


The convergence of film production, game development and cross reality are crucial to the evolution of creative media, and through its Bachelor of Digital Screen (Hons) - a four year degree focusing on six majors - the University of Canterbury (UC) acknowledges the critical need to educate and develop the talent needed to future-proof the global digital screen industries.

In 2022, the launch of UC Digital Screen marked the beginning of an ecosystem dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders in digital screen disciplines.

With a burgeoning number of students and significant progress in the redevelopment and construction of our campus, 2024 promises to be a remarkable year for UC Digital Screen. We are on the path to establishing ourselves as Aotearoa New Zealand's premier screen school, and we invite you to be a part of this exciting journey.

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