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What is Digital Screen?

23 November 2023

The digital screen sector is growing globally. We're seeing exciting new connections being made across disciplines in film production, game development, location-based experiences, the metaverse, and more. So what is Digital Screen? From film and games to augmented and virtual reality, check out the convergence of technologies you can study at UC.


What do we think of when we talk about 'digital screen'?

  • Film
  • Television
  • Games
  • Animation
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Interactive Experiences

A convergence of technologies

The manner in which all of the above are becoming increasingly interconnected when it comes to the creation of new digital content is called convergence: a buword we'll hear a lot in relation to the creative media industries.

A popular example of convergence to date has been the production of The Mandalorian, which came together through Virtual Screen Production, a versatile innovation developed through Epic Games' Unreal Engine.

It's also apparent in the acquisition of Aotearoa New Zealand's own WētāFX by Unity, Microsoft's acquisition of Activision|Bliard, Netflix's move into mobile game development and TikTok's recent foray into games.

While the success of these developments are generating excitement, it's creating equal amounts of concern within a sector already crying out for skilled workers.

It's clear that digital screen convergence is happening, it's critical to the entertainment industry and there's a huge need to educate and develop the talent needed for these industries to grow. From cinema to streaming, games to cross-reality and everything in between, each of these sectors are slated for continued, massive growth over the next decade, with a shortage of highly skilled, technical and artistic talent.

Formally announced in January 2022, the Digital Screen initative is a form of convergence in itself, explains Professor Kevin Watson, Executive Dean of UC's Faculty of Arts and Senior Academic Lead for the University's Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours.

"[It's convergence] of teaching and research, education and industry across the digital screen sectors with a view to empowering the next generation of storytellers."

Examples of Convergence in media

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