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Connecting Digital Screen study with industry

23 November 2023

Work-integrated learning

Work integrated learning is at the heart of the proposed curriculum of the Digital Screen Campus, allowing students to obtain invaluable skills and experience by working at the frontline of their chosen discipline, and building relationships with industry players, before they graduate.

The combination of industry experts and globally recognised academics will offer students exciting opportunities to work on real projects as they are studying. Learning both the creative as well as the technical skills will help them excel across the digital screen industries and give them a head-start for their career.


Bachelor of Digital Screen with Honours | BDigiScreen(Hons)

The new BDigiScreen(Hons) includes applied project work throughout the four years of the degree, in any of the chosen majors. However, the fourth year is particularly dedicated to creating a commercial quality creative project for the digital screen with support and mentorship from studios and industry experts.

This capstone project includes all areas of preproduction, production and postproduction processes and insures our students are set up with a substantial portfolio of high-level production work that will give them a head-start for their career.

The programme will help New Zealand push the limits of games, film, virtual reality, interactive media, commercial production and education in many new ways, and will be transformative for both the University and for Christchurch.

Professor Andy Phelps

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