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Tari Toitū te Taiao

20 November 2023

The UC Sustainability Office is a hub on campus for individuals and groups keen to create positive change and promote sustainable practices at and in the wider community. Meet the team at our Sustainability Office.


The Sustainability Office organises events, communicates pathways for change, promotes sustainability and supports a network of individuals and working groups across campus and wider community. We are a resource for staff, students and the wider community who want to connect with sustainable-minded others and create change in their own lives and spaces.

UC Sustainability Office roles are:

  • To help people see how sustainability relates to their area of work, research, studies and their wider lives.
  • To act as a catalyst for the University in pursuing its charter intentions regarding sustainability and environmental leadership.
  • To foster a culture of people prepared to make a difference in creating socio-ecologically sustainable societies.
  • To value, support and recognise people for sustainable efforts and participation.

In 2019, a Sustainability Programme Board was established to oversee the work surrounding the sustainability section in the new University Strategic Vision 2020-2030.

Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu (Waiutuutu Community Garden)

For all enquiries related to Te Ngaki o Waiutuutu (Waiutuutu Community Garden) please contact the Community Gardens Coodinator, Jam Kelly.


Campus Waste Contacts

Place a BEIMS remote request to:

  • report a full paper recycling bin or request an extra bin (stating the bin location, including building, floor, room, as appropriate)
  • report a full batteries bin
  • request a document-destruct bin be delivered or picked up
    • Please supply Cleaning Services with an internal requisition form, including the department, contact person's name and number, and your requested document-destruct bin size (120 L or 240 L). Once the bin has been delivered the requisition form will be sent to Facilities Management administrators to be processed. Please note that bulk disposals may take several days to arrange because additional bins may need to be requested from the contractor off campus.
  • query anything about recycling or rubbish disposal services.


Energy and Water Contacts

To report an electrical fault or water leak on campus, contact Facilities Services:

Phone: extension 94400

Email or by making a BEIMS remote request.


For other campus energy matters, contact:

Tony Sellin, Energy Manager

Phone: +64 3 369 5499 ext 95499

Tony Sellin, UC's Energy manager, is responsible for actively implementing and managing a reduction in the consumption of energy and water used by University of Canterbury.

Tony’s background is Building services engineering in the UK, from Apprentice to Design Team Manager. His most recent experience in the field of Carbon Management was with Lloyds TSB Bank Plc formulating and applying policy relative to European and UK Energy and Performance of Building Directive and Regulation.

Contact Tony about:

  • water
  • energy
  • carbon emissions
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