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Sustainability teaching, learning and research

20 November 2023

Teaching and learning programmes at UC seek to inspire our students to make a positive difference in the world. UC plays a role in New Zealand’s regional (Pacific) and global education, research, policy formation, and information exchange. All of these are crucial to creating a sustainable world. Learn more about our sustainability policy.


The UC Sustainability Policy says this about sustainability teaching and learning:

The teaching and learning programmes at the University will seek to inspire students, and create graduates making a difference - tangata tū, tangata ora. Thereby the University will: 


  • Develop graduates to be bi-culturally competent, globally aware and to be engaged with their communities in order to contribute to sustainable human societies, including through their future careers and daily lives;
  • Offer education and opportunities that enable students from all disciplines to contribute to reducing ecological, social and economic impacts and improving sustainability outcomes; 
  • Provide opportunities for interdisciplinary education in the areas of sustainability; 
  • Explore options for enhancing low carbon methods of teaching, for example remote laboratory access and other on-line delivery modes;
  • Provide opportunities that enable students to engage with Ngāi Tahu and Te Ao Māori knowledge systems related to sustainability across all disciplines

The UC Sustainability Policy says this about sustainability research:

The University plays a role in New Zealand’s, regional (Pacific) and global education, research, policy formation and information exchange, all of which are crucial to creating a sustainable world. Thereby the University will:


  • Promote and support research that contributes significantly to knowledge and action across the interdisciplinary dimensions of sustainability;
  • Support researchers across different fields, to work collectively to develop interdisciplinary approaches to curricula, research initiatives, and outreach activities thatsupport improved sustainability outcomes. This includes accessing both internal and external resources and collaboration;
  • Promote Ngāi Tahu and wider Māori engagement and Te Ao Māori knowledge systems in the University’s sustainability research portfolio.
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