Couples, self-catered. Facility provided by the University of Canterbury, and operated by UniLodge.

Alongside Kirkwood Avenue Hall are two studio units and two 1-bedroom units. All four units are fully-furnished, self-contained, and fees include power, however, laundry facilities are utilised within the hall. They are suitable for couples only.

Across the road are six one bedroom flats (pictured above) suitable for a couple or a couple with a very small child. These flats are charged power monthly in addition to the residential fee.

As these units are in high demand, contracts that start at the beginning of the year are not normally extended. You can apply to return, however, your application will be waitlisted until 1 December to enable new international students an opportunity to settle into a new culture and become familiar with tenancy laws in New Zealand before moving into the private rental market.  

The due date for new applications for couples and families for 2024 is 1 December 2023.  Following this date, offers will be made to returning students.

Applications received outside normal semester dates are considered on a case by case basis.

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Types of rooms available (NZ$)

Kirkwood Flats (Couples and Families)Residential Fee (2022)Residential Fee (2003)Plus Deposit

Studio Unit 
1 Bedroom Unit
1 Bedroom Flat (can accommodate a young child)

$13,400 + power charged monthly

$14,976 + power charged monthly



  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Double bed
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Wardrobe
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Desk
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Heating
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Kitchen equipped with basic essentials
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Living room and dining furniture
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Bathroom
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Washing machine (Kirkwood Flats) or Kirkwood
  • © Restricted/University of Canterbury Wifi throughout


Unlimited for UC students - an internet account is activated on acceptance of formal enrolment offer.

Contract dates

Flexible start date (52 week contract)

Your residential contract is directly between you and UniLodge.

Costs (NZ$)

Residential fee
$15,132 - Studio Unit
$15,756 - 1 Bedroom Apartment
$14,976 - 1 Bedroom Flat (plus power charged monthly)

Administration fee (non-refundable)

Contingency fee (refundable)

Car parking (optional)
Studios/Apartments - $500 or
Student permit parking on campus
Flats included in fees

Bed linen pack (optional)
Available to purchase online

Cutlery/crockery pack (optional)
Available to purchase online


Payments and instalment dates (NZ$)

Four weeks paid upfront then fortnightly payments thereafter.

More information

Statement of Intent

"Live the UniLodge Life."

UniLodge has been providing pastoral care for students for over 20 years and our Residential Life Program aims to foster inclusive communities through a diverse range of events and initiatives to support residents to achieve academic success.
We understand that university is a transformative time in a student’s life, and we build our program around this to inspire development, build lifelong friendships, and support students through any challenges they may encounter.

All of our staff receive training and resources to be able to assist students to access the right support for them, ranging from helping residents adapt to living away from home, accessing financial support, or helping them find a counsellor to talk things through.
UniLodge has strong industry partnerships with universities and other institutions to help students navigate their options, as well as inform them of community-based resources.

Each resident is a unique individual and can expect from UniLodge, an environment that has clear, reasonable and effective practices, and that aligns with the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of Domestic Tertiary and International Learners.

Postal Address

UniLodge Kirkwood Flats
C/- 7 Kirkwood Avenue
Upper Riccarton, Christchurch 8041
T: +64 (03) 266 0400