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07 September 2023

The UC Health Centre recommends you make sure your childhood vaccines are complete. We offer missing meningococcal and Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR) vaccines. Learn more about these vaccinations. 


Recommended vaccines

The UC Health Centre recommends you ensure your childhood vaccines are completed and can offer any missing vaccines.


Meningococcal vaccines

Meningococcal disease is an infection caused by bacteria. It can lead to two serious and potentially life-threatening illnesses, meningitis (an infection of the brain membranes) and septicaemia (blood poisoning). It can develop in just a few hours.

The infection is spread in a similar way to the common cold – by coughing and sneezing, or from contact with saliva – including through sharing cups, glasses and drink bottles. Young adults living closely with others are at high risk.

There are two vaccines available and the UC Health Centre strongly recommends students have both vaccines for optimal protection before you start at UC.

  • Menqaqdfi or Nimenrix, protects against strains A, C, W and Y meningococcal disease (one dose) and is free for all domestic students up to 25 years in their first year of living in a halls of residence.
  • Bexsero protects against strain B meningococcal disease (two doses required) and is free for all domestic students up to 25 years in their first year of living in a halls of residence.

Contact your GP for more information or the UC Health Centre. More information about meningococcal disease is available here.


Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR)

We are assisting the Ministry of Health with a catch-up programme for those who missed out on full MMR vaccines in childhood. There is no cost for the MMR vaccine, please either seek this from your own GP or our Nurses.


Travel consultations and vaccinations (we have currently suspended our travel clinics / travel vaccines during the busy winter period)

Our trained specialists can assist with travel consultations and will advise you of any vaccinations you may require for travel. There is an additional fee for this service.

All travel vaccinations are available including Yellow Fever. An appointment, which incurs a fee as well as the cost of the vaccines, is required with our specialist travel nurse or doctors to determine what is required for your destinations.

The cost for a travel consultation is $50 for students and $100 for UC employees enrolled at the UC Health Centre. Travel vaccines recommended by websites or external GPs will not be given without seeing our travel clinicians.


Yellow Fever Vaccination Centre

A doctor is available to prescribe and sign off on official Yellow Fever documentation. Please note that this service is only offered to patients enrolled at our clinic.

For further online travel information please visit

You may also find the websites below helpful for information on the risks travellers are exposed to and the precautions needed to protect their health:

To register or make an appointment, please contact us.

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