Postgraduate study and research

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Why take postgraduate studies in Product Design

Postgraduate studies in Product Design present an opportunity for students to prepare for the ever-changing consumer market with advanced design, manufacturing, and business analysis skills.

Postgraduate qualifications at the School of Product Design:

  • Master of Product Design (MProdDesign)

    The MProdDesign takes advantage of UC’s research expertise in a range of commerce, IT, and engineering fields. The programme provides a mixture of practical work and theory with original supervised research. UC houses specialised on-campus facilities for students to research, create, test, and market their own products.

  • Master of Product Innovation (MProdInnovation)

    Open to students of any study background, the MProdInnovation is a perfect opportunity to access specialised facilities and industry experts at university while beginning to develop your own product or business ideas.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Product Design (PGCertProdDesign)
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Product Innovation (PGCertProdInnovation)
  • PhD - available in Product Design

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Currently available Masters Scholarship

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