Digital Product Design

*The Digital Product Design major is subject to CUAP and TEC approval, December 2023. 

There is an industry need for digital product designers who are creative, but also have the technical skills to design and prototype solutions, communicate with stakeholders, and produce viable, commercial products.  

In the Digital Product Design major, you will learn the product design process with a focus on interactive digital products such as mobile and computer applications, websites and web applications, and emerging technologies such as virtual and augmented reality. 

To be a Digital Product Designer, you need to be: 

  • creative 
  • interested in technology 
  • innovative 
  • a good communicator 
  • able to manage multiple projects 

Entry to the Digital Product Design major is open to anyone with entry to the University.  

Secondary school studies in related subjects such as digital technologies, technology, drawing and graphics, or design and visual communication would be an advantage. 

To complete a Bachelor of Product Design in Digital Product Design, you must complete compulsory courses in introductory product design, management, engineering, and mathematics, as well as required courses towards the Digital Product Design major. 

During your study, you’ll develop skills such as: 

  • Computer programming 
  • Applying design principles 
  • 2D and 3D user interface design 
  • Graphic design 
  • Methods of analysis 
  • Virtual and augmented reality 

In your first year, you will study the core processes and principles of digital product design, from research and ideation, experiment-led prototyping, UX and UI design, through to testing, validation, and market research. Our dedicated facilities offer plenty of tools for creativity to help you start building a portfolio of work and begin to develop your own design identity right from the start of your degree. 

  • Design digital products from your very first year of study. 
  • Learn industry standard tools and software including Figma, Photoshop, CSS and Javascript, and AR and VR prototyping tools. 
  • Access high spec computer facilities at the School of Product Design, including drawing tablets, gaming consoles, and the latest AR and VR headsets. 
  • Collaborate with industry partners in your second and third year projects to design digital products that meet an industry need. 
  • Study business courses to prepare you for work as a digital product designer, or to take your own products to market. 

The digital product design industry is growing and maturing. While it used to be that engineers were also responsible for the design of products, there is now the necessity for specialised digital product designers who are focused on the whole product lifecycle, from research and prototyping through to testing and feedback to ensure end-user needs are met 

Graduates of the Digital Product Design major can find work in any large company that produces digital products, as well as graphic design or web-based organisations. Such roles could include: 

  • Digital Product Designer 
  • UX Designer 
  • UI Designer 
  • Software Tester 
  • Human Centred Designer 
  • Software Developer 
  • Web Developer 

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