School of Product Design

There is a growing demand from industry for students who are both creative and technically literate. A Bachelor of Product Design at UC brings together both design and engineering to produce skilled and creative designers who understand aesthetics and technology.

UC is leading the way with its multidisciplinary Bachelor of Product Design. Study in one of three areas, Industrial Product Design, Applied Immersive Game Design or Chemical Formulation Design.

Overall attributes for BProdDesign are:

  • End user-focused, creative, ideation design process and problem solving skills
  • Relevant science and engineering knowledge
  • Marketing and business understanding
  • Teamwork, communication, presentation and hands-on prototyping experience

$10,000 scholarships for Product Design are available ($5,000 per annum for 2 years). Apply for the Product Design scholarship online.


SAMPLE Product Design degree plans

BProdDesign (Applied Immersive Game Design) 

BProdDesign (Chemical Formulation Design)

BProdDesign (Industrial Product Design)


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