SfTI Video Challenge

13 August 2021

Lights, Camera, Action

  • Lui

    PhD Candidate Lui Holder Pearson

The Mechanical Engineering department would like to congratulate Lui Holder-Pearson for winning the Science for Technological Innovation (SfTI) video challenge! The SfTI is one of New Zealand’s national science challenges, with a focus on research that has the potential for commercial output.

Tasked with shooting and producing an original video presentation Lui, with some help from his partner Dr. Anna Hulme, demonstrated his research into mathematical modelling that can be used to predict the blood glucose and insulin levels for a given individual. Lui describes:

“The point of our modelling is to increase the efficiency of the medical industry and diagnose Type II diabetes significantly earlier than…current blood tests”.

While Lui’s research can directly improve individual patient care, it also has the potential benefit for factors involving financial cost. Currently the number of Type II diabetics within New Zealand stands at over 200,000 people and is expected to reach between 390,000-430,000 within the next 20 years. With medical costs continuing to grow, and equity of access becoming more of an issue, measures need to be taken to help generate a more economically sustainable environment.

Lui is nearing the end of the PhD cycle and occupies much of his time on the UC campus assisting in lecturing, collaborating with researchers at the University of Auckland and with other UC PhD candidates. One such researcher Lui is collaborating with is Jake Campbell, a recent winner of the MedTech Challenge for research involving blood glucose detection, as well as a combined post- and under-graduate team developing an open-license insulin pump.