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Student story

Danny Hermawan

20 July 2023

"I got the chance to visit power plants across the North Island, and learn about energy management all across NZ..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Originally from Bandung, Indonesia, Danny was drawn to UC because of the opportunities and developments in New Zealand’s renewable energy sector.

“My current goal for the future is to be an expert in energy engineering and work for the government to develop the energy generation system. My interest is in renewable energy, particularly geothermal.

“UC excels in their Engineering studies. The fieldtrips that I went on for my Engineering courses were very eye opening. I got the chance to visit power plants across the North Island, and got to learn about energy management all across NZ! I also enjoyed the guest lecturers that came from British Columbia University, who taught maths and fluid courses.”

Danny enjoys the challenging and varied nature of his studies, and encourages other students who are considering Engineering to embrace the different aspects that come with studying such an evolving subject.

“Studying Mechanical Engineering deals with a combination of theory, modelling and design. It demands not only your intellect but also your creativity. Critical and creative thinking is often more desirable in Engineering than passion in just learning Physics or Mathematics.”

The level of support during his time at UC is one thing that Danny attributes to his success in his studies so far, and something that has been an important and valuable part of his UC experience.

“Studying at UC has allowed me to deepen my knowledge and understanding into the area of engineering. I received advice on choosing my engineering specialisation, as well as assistance from the department when going through my second year, in terms of understanding what engineering research is about.”

Danny’s transition from not only high school life, but also to another country, was made easy with his decision to stay on campus in UC accommodation.

“I stayed at Ilam Apartments with some fellow international students. This made it really easy for me to settle into a new environment since I was able to meet others with similar interests, everything is within reach, and everyone is so nice. It also helped with the culture shock of being in a new country since others are experiencing it too.”

Danny has become immersed in the social side of life in Christchurch, while also pursuing some of his interests in outdoor activities.

“There are many community and campus events going on throughout the year, ranging from being able to volunteer for the Department of Conservation, to cultural events like the International Night Market and Malam Malaysia. Here in Canterbury, cycling is very friendly since it isn’t that hilly, and tramping is easily accessible in the beautiful natural landscape!”

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