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Student story

Georgina Blane

20 July 2023

"I have always enjoyed challenging myself..."


Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineer, Ossis Ltd

With her experience designing and building mechanical parts for a range of uses throughout her Engineering degree at UC, Georgina has now landed herself a rewarding role as a Biomedical Engineer for Ossis, which develops custom implants and surgical models for patients.

Georgina's father had been a huge influence on her passion for Mechanical Engineering, particularly around engineering cars.

"He did an apprenticeship as a mechanic and has always had ideas about what he would do if he had the freedom. I guess I am living his dreams," she says. "My interest in cars flourished in my summer job at Motorsport Solutions Ltd. I worked on F5000s and Formula Fords and travelled to Hampton Downs to work as part of the pit crew at the Howden Ganley F5000 festival."

This meant joining the UC Motorsport team during study, which builds a car to compete in the Formula SAE student design competition in Melbourne each year. Georgina was an active part of the building process, designing and building car parts, and working on the chassis.

Georgina says that engineering was always a natural path for her as the subjects she enjoyed most at school were calculus, physics and graphics. She likes working to deadlines, of which there are plenty in her degree. 

"I have always enjoyed challenging myself," she says. "Most of the course material really interested me, but I enjoyed the design assignments the most. I like the group projects as I get to meet everyone in my course. I enjoy studying with like-minded people."

The social side of university life was very important for Georgina. Moving from Wellington to Christchurch to study, she decided to start out in a hall of residence, College House. Georgina stayed on for a second year as a House Leader and to take advantage of the many sporting, social and academic activities on offer.

"It was an awesome experience and is a special place because it's the oldest hall of residence in New Zealand. I enjoyed my second year there even more, as there were more opportunities to make crazy memories and more leadership opportunities."

"I like how UC's campus isn't spread out. It means student life is awesome and events are well organised and attended. The huge number of clubs and events means there is plenty of opportunity to meet people."

She says it's important to use your time at university to become a well-rounded adult.

"Be prepared to commit 100% to not only your degree but the whole student experience," she says. "Remember that only a very small percentage of the class can ever get top grades, so make sure you have other things going for you, and build up your CV while you're at university. Use the time to make contacts for internships and jobs. And get to know to lots of different people because university is a great opportunity to make lifelong friends."

Keen to achieve a good work-life balance, Georgina likes to go mountain biking, play volleyball and netball and "generally enjoy outdoors in Christchurch". 

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