Seminar Series

Soft robotic sensors – Characterizing the impedance – strain relationship of silicone rubber carbon nanoparticle composites


Ph.D. Student Richie Ellingham


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Tue, 11 May 2021 11:00:00 NZST in E13, Engineering Core


A carbon black silicone composite is a low-cost material that can be fabricated from readily available materials. The non-toxicity and shapeability of this material mean the composite has many potential applications as a sensor and actuator material in biomedical and aerospace applications.
Using this material as a highly elastic strain sensor, requires a predictive model to obtain strain values through impedance modelling. There are certain viscoelastic properties which are known and have been modelled, however, the integration of these models with an electrical impedance model has been neglected in current literature. A grey-box modelling approach with non-linear system identification is being used to determine a model. Ultimately this model will be used to characterise carbon black silicone composites in terms of electrical impedance, for use within highly elastic strain sensors.

Richie Ellingham

Supervisor: Dr Tim Giffney