Seminar Series

Freight Modelling for urban pickup and delivery with flexible routing: Discrete-event simulation combine with Geographic information system


Ph.D. Student Zichong Lyu


Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Canterbury

Time & Place

Mon, 09 Aug 2021 14:00:00 NZST in E12, Engineering Core


Contemporary freight operations involve many complexities. They arise from scattered and random customer addresses, unpredictable freight demand, unexpected traffic conditions and route selection. However, conventional analytical models are restricted to reflect these stochastic attributes. Discrete-event simulation (DES) is a method that can include these uncertainties by using probability distributions and the Monte Carlo sampling method. The objective of this project is to find a method to create urban pickup and delivery (PUD) models of freight logistics. Two types of DES models were created which are the simple suburb network model and the intersection-based network model. The proposed method should not only provide solutions but also is suitable for implementation and application for the managerial and consultancy consideration. In order to build the DES models, a Geographic information system (GIS) tool was utilised to support modelling activities. The result shows simulation models are adequate to mimic a delivery run. The project is collaborated with a local freight company – Mainfreight, and real industrial data was obtained and used in this project.



Supervisor: Associate Prof Dirk Pons