Support & Sponsorship

Donations and Sponsorships are a vital part of Mechanical Engineering success stories such as Formula Student and Shell Eco-marathon race cars and others. Each year, Mechanical Engineering connects with real life problems which directly impact our society through 35-40 industry sponsored projects. These projects are a part of engineering programs and degrees of the highest quality and provide innovative, often first-in-the-world, engineering solutions to our partners.

To learn more about these projects and how to get involved, please click here get in touch for supporting a particular project or research activity. Donations can be made easily via the UC Foundation Donation webpage and choosing "Mechanical Engineering Alumni Gifts" in the drop-down menu for the designation.

In order to ensure your support goes to a cause of your choice, we invite you to get in contact with us and/or visit us onsite. Any of the key people listed below will welcome your e-mail or phone call. General inquiries can also be sent to

Milo Kral

Industry Liaison
Mechanical Engineering E501
Internal Phone: 92102