Larry Bellamy

Ada Rutherford Professor of Architectural Engineering Larry Bellamy

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E403

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

In collaboration with industry, I'm working on innovative technical, educational and policy solutions for improving the affordability, resilience and sustainability of the built environment, and the productivity of the building sector. Research interests include: building physics; building envelope design and engineering; design of energy efficient and high-performance buildings; building energy performance simulation and assessment; and digital building methods.

Recent Publications

  • Vannier C., Cochrane TA., Reza PZ. and Bellamy L. (2022) An Analysis of Agricultural Systems Modelling Approaches and Examples to Support Future Policy Development under Disruptive Changes in New Zealand. Applied Sciences (Switzerland) 12(5)
  • Vannier C., Cochrane TA., Zawar-Reza P. and Bellamy L. (2022) Development of a Systems Model for Assessing Pathways to Resilient, Sustainable, and Profitable Agriculture in New Zealand. Land 11(12)
  • Bellamy L. (2014) Towards the development of new energy performance indicators for the external walls of residential buildings. Energy and Buildings 68(B): 696-702.
  • Mackechnie JR. and Bellamy LA. (2013) Thermal performance of variable density wall panels made using Portland cement or inorganic polymer concrete. Materials and Structures/Materiaux et Constructions 48(3): 643-651.
  • Kimball BA. and Bellamy LA. (1986) Generation of diurnal solar radiation, temperature, and humidity patterns. Energy in Agriculture 5(3): 185-197.