Natalia Kabaliuk

LecturerNatalia Kabaliuk

Civil & Mechanical Engineering Rm E508
Internal Phone: 92970

Research Interests

My areas of expertise are Bioengineering, Fluid Mechanics, Heat and Mass Transfer and Thermodynamics within a wide range of applications including combustion systems, plasma sources, refrigeration systems, electrospraying, physoloical modelling, biomedical device R&D and forensics applications. I have researched fluid flow, mixing and heat transfer in gas burner systems, agricultural sprays and heat exchangers; modelled heat transfer and energy consumption in electrical floor heating and aquatic systems; vacuum plasma source design for mass spectrometry; liquid atomization, droplet formation and flight for forensic and healthcare applications.

Some of my current research interests are in:
- mechanobiology, biomechanics and mitigation of Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBIs) in contact sport players;
- Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer of vapour deposition processes and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) for thermal management of electronic equipment;
- bloodstain pattern formation simulation and reconstruction in Augmented Reality (AR) for virtual crime scene analysis.

Recent Publications

  • Draper N., Kabaliuk N., Stitt D., Alexander K. and Draper N. (2021) Potential of soft-shelled rugby headgear to reduce linear impact accelerations. Journal of Healthcare Engineering 2021 5567625: 10.
  • Jermy MC., Spence CJT., Kirton R., O’Donnell JF., Kabaliuk N., Gaw S., Hockey H., Jiang Y., Zulkhairi Abidin Z. and Dougherty RL. (2021) Assessment of dispersion of airborne particles of oral/nasal fluid by high flow nasal cannula therapy. PLoS ONE 16(2 February)
  • Stitt D., Draper N., Alexander K. and Kabaliuk N. (2021) Laboratory validation of instrumented mouthguard for use in sport. Sensors 21(18)
  • Williamson PN., Docherty PD., Yazdi SG., Khanafer A., Kabaliuk N. and Jermy M. (2021) PIV Analysis of Haemodynamics Distal to the Frozen Elephant Trunk Stent Surrogate. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 12(4): 373-386.
  • Wright F., Docherty PD., Williams E., Greybe D., Arora H. and Kabaliuk N. (2021) An in-silico study of the effect of non-linear skin dynamics on skin-mounted accelerometer inference of skull motion. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 70