ProfessorMofreh Saleh

Director, Transportation Programme
Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E405
Internal Phone: 95118

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include:
-Advanced dynamic material characterization
-Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation
-Pavement modelling by finite elements method
-Vehicle-Pavement Interaction modelling
-Laboratory Testing of Soils and Bituminous materials

Recent Publications

  • Roy-Chowdhury AB., Saleh MF. and Moyers-Gonzalez M. (2022) Empirical correlation of the modified wheel tracker (MWT) and the dynamic creep test for evaluating the permanent deformation of hot mix asphalt (HMA). Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 49(5): 802-812.
  • Lu X., Saleh M. and Bui H. (2021) Effects of specimen size and loading conditions on the fracture behaviour of asphalt concretes in the SCB test. Engineering Fracture Mechanics.
  • Roy-Chowdhury AB., Saleh MF. and Moyers-Gonzalez M. (2021) Characterisation of permanent deformation behaviour of asphalt mix based on a combined elastic plastic (Cep) parameter. Infrastructures 6(12)
  • Lu DX., Saleh M. and Nguyen NHT. (2020) Evaluation of fracture and fatigue cracking characterization ability of non-standardized semi-circular bending test for asphalt concrete. American Society for Civil Engineers, ASCE's Journal of Materials in Civil Engineering
  • Saleh M. (2020) Modified wheel tracker as a potential replacement for the current conventional wheel trackers. International Journal of Pavement Engineering 21(1): 20-28.