Mehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani

Senior LecturerMehdi Keyvan-Ekbatani

Civil & Natural Resources Engineering E438
Internal Phone: 95121

Research Interests

The last few years, I worked mainly in the area of traffic flow modeling and control. To be more specific, I am interested in modeling the traffic dynamics on motorways and urban networks, both at the macroscopic and microscopic level. Developing control strategies to mitigate the traffic congestion in large-scale urban networks under over-saturated traffic regime is also one of my main research interests.

Recent Publications

  • Keyvan-Ekbatani M., Carlson RC., Knoop VL. and Papageorgiou M. (2021) Optimizing distribution of metered traffic flow in perimeter control: Queue and delay balancing approaches. Control Engineering Practice 110
  • Tran CQ., Ngoduy D., Keyvan-Ekbatani M. and Watling D. (2021) A user equilibrium-based fast-charging location model considering heterogeneous vehicles in urban networks. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science 17(4): 439-461.
  • Trinh XS., Ngoduy D., Keyvan-Ekbatani M. and Robertson B. (2021) Incremental unscented Kalman filter for real-time traffic estimation on motorways using multi-source data. Transportmetrica A: Transport Science
  • Johari M., Keyvan-Ekbatani M. and Ngoduy D. (2020) Impacts of bus stop location and berth number on urban network traffic performance. IET Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Lee HS., Oh K., Keyvan-Ekbatani M., Ngoduy D. and Johari M. (2020) Multi-modal traffic dynamics of Christchurch CBD. In Engineering New Zealand Transportation Group Conference 2020.