Martin Allen

Associate ProfessorMartin Allen

Intermediate Year Coordinator
Link Rm 303
Internal Phone: 95634


Research Interests

Physical properties and device applications of metal oxide semiconductors (in particular the semiconducting oxides of zinc, magnesium, tin, indium, gallium, and their alloys). Transparent thin film transistors for high speed pixel switching in optical displays. UVB photodetectors for monitoring personal UV exposures for the prevention of skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency.

Recent Publications

  • Allen M. (2020) Invited Conference Address - The relationship between the surface chemistry and surface electronic properties of functional transparent semiconducting oxides. Montecatini Terme, Italy (rescheduled until 2021): 2020 CIMTEC - International Conferences on Modern Materials and Technologies, 15-19 Jun 2020.
  • Blesić SM., du Preez DJ., Stratimirović DI., Ajtić JV., Ramotsehoa MC., Allen MW. and Wright CY. (2020) Characterization of personal solar ultraviolet radiation exposure using detrended fluctuation analysis. Environmental Research 182
  • Wright CY., du Preez DJ., Martincigh BS., Allen MW., Millar DA., Wernecke B. and Blesic S. (2020) A Comparison of Solar Ultraviolet Radiation Exposure in Urban Canyons in Venice, Italy and Johannesburg, South Africa.. Photochem Photobiol
  • Allen M. (2019) Invited Conference Address - The interplay between the surface chemistry and surface electronic properties of wide bandgap oxide semiconductors. Village Hotel, Swansea, UK: ISSC-22 Interdisciplinary Surface Science Conference, 15-18 Apr 2019.
  • Brillson L., Cox J., Gao H., Foster G., Ruane W., Jarjour A., Allen M., Look D., von Wenckstern H. and Grundmann M. (2019) Native point defect measurement and manipulation in ZnO nanostructures. Materials 12(14)