Martin Allen

ProfessorMartin Allen

Intermediate Year Coordinator
Link Rm 303
Internal Phone: 95634


Research Interests

Physical properties and device applications of metal oxide semiconductors (in particular the semiconducting oxides of zinc, magnesium, tin, indium, gallium, and their alloys). Transparent thin film transistors for high speed pixel switching in optical displays. UVB photodetectors for monitoring personal UV exposures for the prevention of skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency.

Recent Publications

  • Carroll LR., Martinez-Gazoni RF., Gaston N., Reeves RJ., Downard AJ. and Allen MW. (2021) Bidirectional Control of the Band Bending at the (2̅01) and (010) Surfaces of β-Ga2O3 Using Aryldiazonium Ion and Phosphonic Acid Grafting. ACS Applied Electronic Materials 3(12): 5608-5620.
  • Hou C., Gazoni RM., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2021) Dramatic Improvement in the Rectifying Properties of Pd Schottky Contacts on β-Ga2O3During Their High-Temperature Operation. IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices 68(4): 1791-1797.
  • Martinez-Gazoni RF., Allen MW. and Reeves RJ. (2021) Persistent Photoconductivity in SnO2Thin Films Grown by Molecular Beam Epitaxy: The Dominant Roles of Water Vapor and Carrier Concentration. Journal of Physical Chemistry C 125(48): 26967-26977.
  • McNeill AR., Martinez-Gazoni R., Reeves RJ., Allen MW. and Downard AJ. (2021) Electroreduction of Aryldiazonium Ion at the Polar and Non-Polar Faces of ZnO: Characterisation of the Grafted Films and Their Influence on Near-Surface Band Bending. ChemPhysChem 22(13): 1344-1351.
  • Onyema CC., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2021) Performance of metal-semiconductor field effect transistors on mist chemical-vapor-deposition grown ZnO channels with intentionally oxidized AgOxSchottky contact gates. Journal of Applied Physics 130(17)