Martin Allen

ProfessorMartin Allen

Intermediate Year Coordinator
Link Rm 303
Internal Phone: 95634


Research Interests

Physical properties and device applications of metal oxide semiconductors (in particular the semiconducting oxides of zinc, magnesium, tin, indium, gallium, and their alloys). Transparent thin film transistors for high speed pixel switching in optical displays. UVB photodetectors for monitoring personal UV exposures for the prevention of skin cancer and vitamin D deficiency.

Recent Publications

  • Astley S., Hu D., Hazeldine K., Ash J., Cross RE., Cooil S., Allen M., Evans J., James K. and Venturini F. (2022) Identifying chemical and physical changes in wide-gap semiconductors using real-time and near ambient-pressure XPS. Faraday Discussions 236: 191-204.
  • Cole SE., Hawkins M., Miller KA., Allen MW. and Cockburn M. (2022) Correlation between Objective Measures of Sun Exposure and Self-Reported Sun Protective Behavior and Attitudes in Predominantly Hispanic Youth. Photochemistry and Photobiology
  • Dela Cruz Z., Hou C., Martinez-Gazoni RF., Reeves RJ. and Allen MW. (2022) Performance of in situ oxidized platinum/iridium alloy Schottky contacts on (001), (2 ¯ 01), and (010) β -Ga2O3. Applied Physics Letters 120(8)
  • Heffernan W., Allen M. and Mukhedkar R. (2022) Efficient electrification with Ga2O3 - a robust wide bandgap semiconductor. In.
  • Lee Solano M., Robinson S., Allen MW., Reyes-Marcelino G., Espinoza D., Beswick B., Tse DHK., Ding L., Humphreys L. and Van Kemenade C. (2022) Effect of an interactive educational activity using handheld ultraviolet radiation dosimeters on sun protection knowledge among Australian primary school students. Preventive Medicine Reports 25