Markus Pahlow

Senior Lecturer Above the BarMarkus Pahlow

On Sabbatical 2023
Civil Mechanical Engineering Rm E418
Internal Phone: 92053
My work aims at developing and maintaining resilient and sustainable water resources systems.


Research Interests

My current main research goals can be divided into three areas. Firstly, sustainable, efficient and equitable use of water resources for future food, energy and water security. Secondly, improvement and application of hydrological and water resources models to quantify and reduce uncertainty in decision making in water management. And thirdly, resource reuse and recovery from urban and rural water flows. My research makes extensive use of both data analysis and modelling, and ranges from local to global scale. My research aims ultimately at providing solutions to pressing issues, thereby benefitting both humankind and nature.
Current specific research efforts include:
(i) irrigation from sand rivers,
(ii) methodological developments in hydrological modeling,
(iii) extreme value analysis,
(iv) water supply-irrigation-hydropower system management,
(v) water-food-energy-climate nexus,
(vi) streamflow measurement development,
(vii) resource recovery from water and wastewaster flows, and
(vii) climate change adaptation.

Recent Publications

  • Chico D., Pahlow M., Willaarts BA., Sinisgalli P. and Garrido A. (2022) An Integrated Approach to Assess the Water Efficiency of Introducing Best Management Practices: An Application to Sugarcane Mechanisation in Brazil. Water (Switzerland) 14(7)
  • Jiang Q., Bhattarai N., Pahlow M. and Xu Z. (2022) Environmental sustainability and footprints of global aquaculture. Resources, Conservation and Recycling 180
  • Jiang Q., Xu Z., Ye G., Pahlow M., Hu M. and Qu S. (2022) A systematic scoping review of environmental and socio-economic effects of COVID-19 on the global ocean-human system. Science of the Total Environment 849
  • Nguyen A., Cochrane TA. and Pahlow M. (2022) Optimising water allocation and land management to mitigate the effects of land use and climate change on reservoir performance. Hydrological Sciences Journal 67(14): 2129-2146.
  • Nguyen TT., Bach PM. and Pahlow M. (2022) Multi-scale stormwater harvesting to enhance urban resilience to climate change impacts and natural disasters. Blue-Green Systems 4(1): 58-74.