Markus Pahlow

Senior LecturerMarkus Pahlow

Civil Mechanical Engineering Rm E418
Internal Phone: 92053
My work aims at developing and maintaining resilient and sustainable water resources systems.


Research Interests

Current specific research efforts include
(i) analysis of hydrological flow pathways,
(ii) methodological developments in hydrological modeling,
(iii) flood modeling and flood protection,
(iv) hydropower system management,
(v) water-food-energy-ecosystem-climate nexus,
(vi) groundwater recharge assessment,
(vii) climate change adaptation,
(viii) role of nature for human wellbeing.

Recent Publications

  • Multsch S., Krol MS., Pahlow M., Assunção ALC., Barretto AGOP., De Jong Van Lier Q. and Breuer L. (2020) Assessment of potential implications of agricultural irrigation policy on surface water scarcity in Brazil. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 24(1): 307-324.
  • Singh SK., Pahlow M., Booker DJ., Shankar U. and Chamorro A. (2019) Towards baseflow index characterisation at national scale in New Zealand. Journal of Hydrology 568: 646-657.
  • Singh SK., Pahlow M., Duan Q. and Griffiths G. (2019) Improving hydrological multi-model prediction by elimination of double counting in the ensemble. Journal of Hydrology (NZ) 58(2): 81-104.
  • Kelley J., Higgins CW., Pahlow M. and Noller J. (2017) Mapping Soil Texture by Electromagnetic Induction: A Case for Regional Data Coordination. Soil Science Society of America Journal 81(4): 923-931.
  • Multsch S., Alquwaizany AS., Alharbi OA., Pahlow M., Frede HG. and Breuer L. (2016) Water-saving strategies for irrigation agriculture in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Water Resources Development 37(2): 292-309.