Mark Jermy

ProfessorMark Jermy

Deputy Head of Department/ Director of Final Year Research & Development Projects
Civil Mechanical E525
Internal Phone: 92276


Research Interests

Industrial aerodynamics and hydrodynamics; fluid mechanics of breathing and blood flow; droplet and particulate transport; sprays; silica colloid deposition in geothermal systems; injury biomechanics

Recent Publications

  • Underwood L., Kiffer T., Sran H., Jay K., Villien A., Kabaliuk N. and Jermy M. (2019) Simultaneous assessment of thermal comfort and aerodynamic drag of cycling helmets as a function of ventilation hole configuration. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology
  • Williams EMP., Graham ES., Jermy MC., Kieser DC. and Taylor MC. (2019) The Dynamics of Blood Drop Release from Swinging Objects in the Creation of Cast-off Bloodstain Patterns. Journal of Forensic Sciences 64(2): 413-421.
  • Adams CF., Geoghegan PH., Spence CJ. and Jermy MC. (2018) Modelling nasal high flow therapy effects on upper airway resistance and resistive work of breathing. Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology 254: 23-29.
  • Brooks T., Choi JE., Garnich M., Hammer N., Waddell JN., Duncan W. and Jermy M. (2018) Finite element models and material data for analysis of infant head impacts. Heliyon 4(12)
  • Jermy MC., vircondelet C. and underwood L. (2018) Thermal comfort and drag of a streamlined cycling helmet as a function of ventilation hole placement. Proc. IMechE Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology 232(1): 15-21.