Mark Jermy

ProfessorMark Jermy

Civil Mechanical E525
Internal Phone: 92276


Research Interests

Industrial aerodynamics and hydrodynamics; fluid mechanics of breathing and blood flow; droplet and particulate transport; sprays; silica colloid deposition in geothermal systems; injury biomechanics

Recent Publications

  • Choi JJE., Chen J., Choi YJ., Moffat SM., Duncan WJ., Waddell JN. and Jermy M. (2023) Dental high-speed handpiece and ultrasonic scaler aerosol generation levels and the effect of suction and air supply. Infection Control and Hospital Epidemiology 44(6): 926-933.
  • Chyrva I., Jermy M., Strand T. and Richardson B. (2023) Evaluation of the pattern of spray released from a moving multicopter. Pest Management Science 79(4): 1483-1499.
  • Stevenson A., Freeman J., Jermy M. and Chen J. (2023) Airborne transmission: a new paradigm with major implications for infection control and public health. New Zealand Medical Journal 136(1570): 69-77.
  • Derrick D., Kabaliuk N., Longworth L., Pishyar-Dehkordi P. and Jermy M. (2022) Speech air flow with and without face masks. Scientific Reports 12(1)
  • Williamson PN., Docherty PD., Khanafer A., Yazdi SG., Jermy M., Kabaliuk N. and Murton B. (2022) Particle Image Velocimetry Evaluation of Hemodynamics Proximal to the Kissing Stent Configuration in the Aorto-Iliac Bifurcation. Journal of Endovascular Therapy