Mark Jermy

ProfessorMark Jermy

Deputy Head of Department
Civil Mechanical E525
Internal Phone: 92276


Research Interests

Industrial aerodynamics and hydrodynamics; fluid mechanics of breathing and blood flow; droplet and particulate transport; sprays; silica colloid deposition in geothermal systems; injury biomechanics

Recent Publications

  • Brooks T., Zwirner J., Hammer N., Ondruschka B. and Jermy M. (2020) Preliminary observations of the sequence of damage in excised human juvenile cranial bone at speeds equivalent to falls from 1.6 m.. Int J Legal Med
  • Ho WH., Tshimanga IJ., Ngoepe MN., Jermy MC. and Geoghegan PH. (2020) Evaluation of a Desktop 3D Printed Rigid Refractive-Indexed-Matched Flow Phantom for PIV Measurements on Cerebral Aneurysms. Cardiovascular Engineering and Technology 11(1): 14-23.
  • Laven RA. and Jermy MC. (2020) Measuring the torque required to cause vertebral dislocation in cattle tails. New Zealand Veterinary Journal 68(2): 107-111.
  • Li J., Mutreja I., Tredinnick S., Jermy M., Hooper GJ. and Woodfield TBF. (2020) Hydrodynamic control of titania nanotube formation on Ti-6Al-4V alloys enhances osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stromal cells. Materials Science and Engineering C 109
  • Underwood L., Kiffer T., Sran H., Jay K., Villien A., Kabaliuk N. and Jermy M. (2019) Simultaneous assessment of thermal comfort and aerodynamic drag of cycling helmets as a function of ventilation hole configuration. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part P: Journal of Sports Engineering and Technology