Don Clucas

Associate ProfessorDon Clucas

Civil Mechanical E521
Internal Phone: 92212

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include additive manufacture, mechanical engineering design, energy conversion, product innovation, engines, micro combined heat and power.

Recent Publications

  • Tamadon A., Pons DJ. and Clucas D. (2020) Analogue Modelling of Flow Patterns in Bobbin Friction Stir Welding by the Dark-Field/Bright-Field Illumination Method. Advances in Materials Science 20(1): 56-70.
  • Tamadon A., Pons DJ. and Clucas D. (2020) Flow-Based Anatomy of Bobbin Friction-Stirred Weld; AA6082-T6 Aluminium Plate and Analogue Plasticine Model. Applied Mechanics 1(1): 3-19.
  • Tamadon A., Pons DJ. and Clucas D. (2020) Structural anatomy of tunnel void defect in bobbin friction stir welding, elucidated by the analogue modelling. Applied System Innovation 3(1): 1-15.
  • Zadeh HN., Huber T., Nock V., Fee C. and Clucas D. (2020) Complex geometry cellulose hydrogels using a direct casting method. Bioengineering 7(2): 1-13.
  • Andisheh K., Scott A., Palermo AG. and Clucas D. (2019) Influence of chloride corrosion on the effective mechanical properties of steel reinforcement. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering 15(8): 1036-1048.