Don Clucas

Associate ProfessorDon Clucas

Civil Mechanical E521
Internal Phone: 92212

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Research interests include additive manufacture, mechanical engineering design, energy conversion, product innovation, engines, micro combined heat and power.

Recent Publications

  • Andisheh K., Palermo AG., Scott A. and Clucas D. (2019) Influence of chloride corrosion on the effective mechanical properties of steel reinforcement. Structure and Infrastructure Engineering : 1036-1048.
  • Bagalkot A., Pons D., Symons D. and Clucas D. (2019) Categorization of failures in polymer rapid tools used for injection molding. Processes 7(1)
  • Bagalkot A., Pons D., Clucas D. and Symons D. (2018) A methodology for setting the injection moulding process parameters for polymer rapid tooling inserts. Rapid Prototyping Journal
  • Egas J. and Clucas DM. (2018) Stirling Engine Configuration Selection. Energies 11(3) 584: 22.
  • Huber T., Clucas DM., Vilmay M., Pupkes B., Stuart J., Dimartino S. and Fee C. (2018) 3D Printing Cellulose Hydrogels Using LASER Induced Thermal Gelation. Journal of Manufacturing and Materials Processing 2(3) 42: 19.