Andrew Lapthorn

Senior LecturerAndrew Lapthorn

EEE 2nd Pro Coordinator
Link Rm 307
Internal Phone: 94546

Qualifications & Memberships

Research Interests

Current research interests include high temperature superconductivity in electric power machines; smart grids and renewable energy; LED lighting; computer modelling and simulation of transformers; high voltage.

Recent Publications

  • Asef P., Bargallo R. and Lapthorn A. (2020) Magnetic Noise Reduction of In-Wheel Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors for Light-Duty Electric Vehicles. Vehicles 2(1): 156-172.
  • Asef P., Bargallo R. and Lapthorn AC. (2019) Time-domain computation of rotational iron losses considering the bulk conductivity for PMSMs. IET Electric Power Applications 13(6): 712-719.
  • Asef P., Bargallo R., Hartavi Karci AE., Niknejad P., Barzegaran MR. and Lapthorn AC. (2019) Correlation of solar power prediction considering the nominal operating cell temperature under partial shading effect. Measurement: Journal of the International Measurement Confederation 147
  • Asef P., Perpina RB. and Lapthorn AC. (2019) Optimal pole number for magnetic noise reduction in variable-speed permanent magnet synchronous machines with fractional-slot concentrated windings. IEEE Transactions on Transportation Electrification 5(1): 126-134.
  • Asef P., Perpina RB., Barzegaran MR. and Lapthorn A. (2019) A 3-D pareto-based shading analysis on solar photovoltaic system design optimization. IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy 10(2): 843-852.

Dr Andrew Lapthorn from UC’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at work in the High Voltage Lab, the only facility of its kind in a New Zealand university. It does commercial testing for the electrical industry.

Man in safety gear demonstrates electrical arching