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Student story

Sophie Eggleton

20 July 2023

"Seeing the future of geology unfold is incredibly exciting..."


Bachelor of Science in Geology

Studying towards a Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience

Groundwater Sciences Intern, Environment Canterbury

Sophie’s choice in study stemmed from her fascination in how timeless and extensive the field of geology can be.

"It is possible to piece together the history of the land whilst also having the power to predict the future," she says. "I love that it is a field which is constantly changing and developing. There is so much that we are still to know, and seeing the future of geology unfold and new technology in the field develop is incredibly exciting."

The travel opportunities that come from studying the earth was also a big motivation, for someone who loves the idea of an international career path.

"I wanted to get involved with a line of work which offered travel opportunities and something that had a universal language worldwide. My career goals are to travel whilst gaining knowledge of the spectacular geological formations and rocks around the world."

Getting around New Zealand through UC field trips has been a good start to her goal.

"These were an awesome chance to apply the class work in the field and make our class a really tight knit group of people. It was also amazing to see some of the fantastic geology New Zealand has to offer right at our back door."

Joining student clubs on campus was also a great way to build on her expertise in Geology with fellow students.

"I love the club culture on campus. It is so easy to get in touch with people who have similar interests or hobbies and meet new people," she says. "Throughout my time at UC I’ve been involved with the executive committees of both the Investment Society and Rocksoc. Last year, I was the President of Rocksoc, the geological sciences society. Being a part of Rocksoc was incredible. I loved putting on both social and academic events for our members."

She also takes part in UC Sport team competitions having been a netball umpire for nine years, currently within the Christchurch Netball Centre.

During the final year of her undergrad, Sophie gained an internship with Environment Canterbury through the PACE 395 course, finding new and old springs in the Fairlie Basin and recording their characteristics in a database.

"This gave me the opportunity to apply my work at Environment Canterbury to my university work whilst cross crediting it at the same time. If a student had the opportunity to be a part of the program, I would really recommend it."

Starting at UC not long after the Christchurch earthquakes, Sophie found that she also had an interest in the effects of natural disasters, which lead onto her Master of Disaster Risk and Resilience.

"Why not take advantage of the perfect case study opportunities? I was motivated by my passion for rocks and the land as well as disasters and helping people," she says. "I want to have an involvement in the reduction of disaster damages and the preparation for future disasters.

"Definitely get involved, it’s such a hands-on degree and the people in the profession are all so passionate."

Sophie has appreciated the support here, and made use of the Academic Skills Centre and Equity & Disability Service throughout studying, saying they "are both super accommodating" at helping with assignments and workloads.

She gives back to UC as a Residential Assistant with University Hall, a role that supports students living on campus and organising hall events.

"Everyone is so friendly and the facilities are great," she says. "I love working with people and being a part of so many first-years' transition into university life."

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