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Student story

Christopher Kais

31 August 2023

"I was able to meet and connect with many different people..."

Studying towards a Bachelor of Science in Geology with a minor in Chinese

Why was Geology your degree of choice?

I was interested in the outdoors as well as certain sciences such as chemistry and physics. Geology had all those aspects and therefore I chose to do it. If you are someone who loves being in the field, tracking through the land, and working in a social environment, then Geology is definitely the degree you want to consider.

What kind of Geology career are you aiming towards?

I am to either be a petroleum geologist or a hydrographic surveyor.

Sounds interesting! Why did you choose to study this at UC?

UC is a well-known university. I love the UC campus as they provide many wonderful places to go and focus on your work such as the cafés, library, Science buildings, and so on. And I enjoy being in control of my study, as in I get to choose the timetable for my classes.

And you’re staying in Hayashi hall?

I chose to live in Hayashi because it is close to the University and I had an international scholarship that made it easier for my parents to pay for my rent here.

How was it when you first moved in?

One challenge that I had trouble with was making friends and meeting new people. When coming to Hayashi, one of my favourite things to do was attend the fun and social events that were hosted by the staff such as quiz night, fi night, movie night, and our annual sports day. Thanks to the social events and gatherings around here I was able to meet and connect with many different people.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about staying in a hall?

My advice would be to get out and meet the new people around you. Go to some of the social events that are hosted and maybe say hi to your fellow neighbours, as you will find that they are very friendly.

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