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Student story

Min Jung Kim

02 August 2023

"There is so much you can learn at UC..."


Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication, Political Science, with a minor in Japanese

Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Media and Communication

Producer, The Korea Herald, Seoul, Korea


Originally from Korea, Min Jung took the opportunity to come to New Zealand to learn English and attend high school at Marlborough Girls’ College. When she started looking for a university, UC caught her attention because of its flexible and interdisciplinary programmes, as well as its student-centric focus.

"A lot of programmes allowed students to explore their diverse interests both within and outside their majors. The programmes encouraged students from all fields to intermingle and pursue a multidisciplinary approach to their studies. I particularly paid attention to the various exchange programmes, field trips, internships, and workshops in and outside the country," she says.

"I strongly recommend making the most of UC’s exchange programmes. I had a chance to study in Korea, France, and Denmark during my time at UC. These exchange programmes are really great opportunities to learn more about yourself and about your field from different perspectives. UC also makes sure its students are supported overseas, so you will be well looked after."

Her academic journey at UC was rewarding as the faculty staff and the professors were outstanding and kind. Additionally, studying with students from different backgrounds made her whole experience richer.

"Faculty staff are very open and flexible. They always consider the students’ interests and support their learning and career opportunities. There is so much you can learn at UC, and by tailoring your learning experience, you can really maximise your opportunities. This flexibility is something that will help you discover more about yourself while better preparing you to go out into the field."

During her time at UC, she was rewarded with a number of scholarships because of her effort and hard work.

Being active and getting involved in activities both inside and outside UC are the keys to building up your professional path, Min Jung says.

"There is so much to learn and there are a lot of opportunities out there. I was pitching my ideas to local and international newsrooms throughout my studies, trying to gain as much field experience as possible. This led to one opportunity after another, so don’t be afraid to make your own luck.

I was involved in different cultural clubs at UC. It was a great experience to learn more about others’ cultures and their perspectives on the world. I could talk to the international students about what I learned in my classes, and I often gained new perspectives that really enriched my university experience."

After she graduated from UC, Min Jung continued her studies by undertaking a double master’s degree in International Studies and Public Policy through Seoul National University and the University of Tokyo. She gained more experience in her field during and after her studies as a producer.

"I produced for different platforms ranging from international news media like Al Jazeera English, YouTube channel Asian Boss, and global streaming platforms like Netflix," she says.

Currently, she is working as a Producer at The Korea Herald in Seoul, where she leads a team responsible for video content strategies.

"UC really helped me believe that the world is our oyster and that everything depends on how we see and make sense of the world. Being flexible and having a can-do attitude really helped me have a positive outlook on life and push my boundaries. The UC and New Zealand experience helped me to appreciate the little things in life. Most importantly, how to take things slow at times. The multicultural environment and emphasis on being an all-rounder helped me appreciate diversity and see the importance of having a wholesome understanding of life.

"I want to continue telling stories and hopefully get a project that will lead me back to New Zealand someday, I miss the UC staff and professors a lot!"

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