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Student story

Matt Slaughter

20 July 2023

"EDS has allowed me to achieve the highest grades possible..."


Bachelor of Arts in History and Media and Communication, with a minor in Political Science and International Relations

Postgraduate Diploma in Journalism

As a music and radio enthusiast, Matt chose do to UC’s Journalism programme to work towards a career in the broadcasting industry.

"The study is great, but it’s just one part of it. I’ve met so many great people, the social life is unreal, and I’m a musician and the music scene at UC is just the best," he says.

His initial plans were to study at UC for a year in the Bachelor of Arts, and then apply for Broadcasting School.

"But once I got to UC, I realised there was no chance I wanted to leave because I just enjoyed the campus, the people and the study so much!"

The focused training in different forms of media has been especially useful for Matt throughout his degrees.

"For Journalism specifically, I just love how many practical skills you learn in such a short space of time. It’s really hard work, but absolutely worth it! I’ve learnt more this year than any other year at uni.

"In the Journalism course we go on a couple of work placements. My first was at the Nelson Mail for two weeks and it was fantastic. I even had a story published on the front page of Stuff, which was pretty cool."

One of the biggest supports for his studies was through the Equity & Disability Service, which helped with the workload demand from the Journalism programme.

"Essentially, using the Equity & Disability Service has allowed me to achieve the highest grades possible in exams. I used a writer because my writing speed is not ideal. I truly believe without them, my grades would have really suffered."

He has also received both a Robert Bell Scholarship through UC, and a New Zealand Police Scholarship, to help fund his Journalism studies.

Tying in his passion for radio with TuneSoc club as an executive member was one of his best highlights from UC.  

"We won best small club last year and we’re up for supreme club this year. I’ve met a huge amount of friends through this and it’s allowed me to follow one of my passions by hosting TuneSoc Radio on RDU every week.

"I formed a band called Surf Turtle thanks to my involvement in TuneSoc, we’ve played a few huge MONO gigs, and we cracked our biggest gig to date recently and we played at TEA PARTY!  I was also lucky enough to release my first single earlier this year, it’s called Party Lust and there’s a music video coming out for it very soon!"

Matt looks forward to kickstarting his broadcasting career, and advises other Journalism students to go in committed and enthusiastic for the experiences you’ll have.

"Just be prepared to work really hard, but also be prepared for some of the coolest opportunities you’ll get at uni, in class and on your work placements," he says.

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