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Student story

Tiana Reaich-Jang

20 July 2023

"I have been able to shape my degree to study what I love and be an individual from the others..."


Bachelor of Arts in Music with a minor in Media and Communication

Visitor Coordinator, The Arts Centre of Christchurch

Tiana’s degree perfectly complements her passions in all aspects of musical arts and performance, which she has nurtured throughout her years at high school with choir singing, Kapa Haka competitions and Shelia Winn Shakespeare.

"I started my degree in performance music, and as the years went on I grew as a person and had an urge to develop my skills in media. I found I had a passion for music events and I wanted to find out what goes on behind the scenes," she says. "Music at UC is a great subject to take if you want to incorporate your other interests into your degree."

Her combination of subjects gives a unique perspective on performance arts and more effective ways to promote them to the community.

"I love that what I study could be seen as quite different from an outsiders view, but in my eyes I have been able to shape my degree to study what I love and be different and individual from the others. Studying the history and performance aspect has helped me understand the music discipline in a new light.

"The lecturers I have come across in Music are prepared to go the extra mile to help with learning. The support that comes out of the Music block gives you the motivation and the belief that you have what it takes to succeed in your chosen career."

One of Tiana’s biggest influences from UC has been taking multiple internships around music promotions. Her first internship within the PACE 395 course took place with Exchange Christchurch (XCHC), helping with their online marketing for events, which was a great way to "share ideas around accomplished professionals".

During the summer, she also took part in one of UC’s Thailand internships with a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia award. This six-week trip to Bangkok included living on Mahidol University campus, cultural tours around the city, and an internship in venue and events management.

"This internship outlined culture for me," she says. "I learnt about Thai customs and how Thai people work in a professional environment. I gained hands-on skills that complement my studies in music and media."

Her current internship in the MUSA 396 course is with the Christchurch Arts Centre, assisting with organising and promoting music events.

"My job at the Arts Centre is quite special as I am able to develop new skills on the job. It has taught me administration skills and people skills that will go a long way in my career. I oversee music events in the Great Hall, and as I studied social media at UC, I have played an active role in the output of our Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr pages here at Rutherford's Den and the Arts Centre.

"I feel like all of these internships have built up my confidence to become a professional in the workplace. I would recommend to other students because it is a different learning approach that you wouldn't learn in a classroom."

These experiences have definitely shaped her career ambitions, and Tiana hopes to continue building her skills overseas.

"I would like to have a career in event management. My next goal is to take my BA as a foundation and experience and volunteer at events while on my OE next year. My first stop is Vancouver, Canada, a city that is surrounded by the arts."

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