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Student story

Carli Butturini

20 July 2023

"It has been very rewarding and one of the most valuable experiences I have had studying here..."


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Media and Communication

Carli’s studies in Psychology and Media and Communication gave her a blended mix of behavioural and social psychology that she looks forward to moulding into a career with the police.

"I saw university and a degree in Arts as a chance to explore my options and open doorways for me, which it has," she says. "I learnt that Canterbury has a great student culture as well as a range of courses that I could take through my Arts degree to find something I could pursue into a career."

She particularly wanted to study somewhere in the South Island after having lived up north her whole life, and UC presented the best opportunity to explore the new region.

"I love the proximity of everything here at Canterbury. From everything being on one campus, to the beaches, rural life, and ski fields. I find a lot of other universities can’t tick all those boxes."

Another unique experience Carli was able to take on was the PACE 395 internship course in her final year, which placed her with New Zealand Young Farmers (NZYF), an organisation connecting youth to agriculture.

"Working in a large and professional organisation like NZYF opened my eyes to how enjoyable working in an office setting could be. Since I have an agricultural background, I enjoyed working with an organisation I could relate to. I used my minor in Media and Communications to do in-depth research about their member base."

Doing an internship through UC had a lot of benefits for Carli’s studies, including assignment work to give her the chance to "assess, goal-set, and reflect" on the work she was doing at NZYF.

"These improved my work with the organisation. It also meant that I had the support of coordinators who could guide me with any queries or worries," she says. "When comparing my internship to others who had done it more privately, there have been significantly more advantages and rewards. Overall, I found doing an internship through the University to be like a tailored course that served all my needs and peaked all my interests."

The internship also gave her a much needed confidence boost in her professional work and academic abilities.

"It has been very rewarding and one of the most valuable experiences I have had studying here," she says. "It is the closest you can get to real and professional work experience, whilst simultaneously using your degree and achieving points. The coordinators are some of the most knowledgeable people I have met in terms of supporting me with my career aspirations and the internship itself." 

Following some time spent travelling for more life and work experiences out of university, Carli plans to go into a lucrative career with the police force.

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