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Student story

Julia Arnott-Neenee

20 July 2023

"What I have loved the most around my subjects is the freedom for your imagination..."


Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a minor in Media and Communication and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing

Research and Strategist, Ward6, Sydney, Australia

Julia had started tertiary study at Victoria University in Wellington before deciding to enrol at UC.

"I found it to be a better place to channel my energies into my study," she says. "I also loved the campus atmosphere and student culture that UC provides."

With marketing as her particular passion, Julia found studying the subject at UC to be especially helpful.

"The smaller class sizes paid a huge benefit to me in terms of being able to formulate some really strong relationships with my peers studying the same subjects. The smaller sizes also translated into allowing for one-on-one learning opportunities with lecturers too.

"The Marketing lecturers at UC have been incredible – they have definitely helped in reaching my personal potential."

Julia was able to incorporate her studies in Political Science and Media and Communication into her marketing skills.

"What I have loved the most around my subjects is the freedom for your imagination, especially in Marketing. Being able to analyse, research then create and implement marketing strategies really excites me.

"I made a short clip on self-acceptance as part of my 300-level Marketing for Behavioural Change project. I shared it on Facebook and it has ended up having almost 10,000 views, an overwhelming outcome."

As a Pasifika student, Julia had decided to help out around campus by becoming a Pacifika Mentor.

"The Pacific Development Team are brilliant – I loved every moment of being a part of the Pasifika community on campus. The team are so knowledgeable, understanding and funny too! Just knowing you have that support and family environment is helpful in itself."

Her studies led to some roles supporting start-up projects at UC as a Marketing Consultant. This included student company Selfiebot promoting their drone product with a UC Innovator’s Summer Start-Up Scholarship, as well as Go Beyond that competed in the $85K challenge through entré. She also received a UCSA Scholarship for her role in an Outward Bound programme for international students.

Julia was also given the opportunity to study in China in the MGMT 228 course along with a Prime Minister’s Scholarship for Asia, which involved studying Chinese language and business at Zhejiang Gongshang University in Hangzhou. "I was very excited, it is an incredible opportunity," she says.

After graduating Julia moved to Australia for work in market research, and now works in Sydney for Ward6, an agency developing advertising for the health care industry, with some of her projects documented on her LinkedIn page. One of her highlights so far was being able to travel to the USA for a piece of ethnography research understanding the lives of parents and carers of children with hearing implants, and how her client could better met their needs.

"It is one thing to learn about human behaviour, it is another to help enhance the quality of life of humans through positive health goods and services. That’s why I’ve chosen to follow a path into the healthcare industry."

It’s easy to see that Julia made a goal to keep an eye out for all sorts of opportunities, and it’s this philosophy that Julia urges other students to live by to make the most of uni life.

"I enjoy living in the moment, whatever that might be," she says. "I find it that we too often get distracted by the demands of a busy life and so am sure to make time for myself, my family and what makes me happy.

"Be bold, be brave and be yourself."


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