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Student story

Hamish Ferguson

20 July 2023

"I want to give back to the sport that has taken me around the world..."


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Studying towards a PhD in Bioengineering

Professional Cycling Coach, Roulston

Hamish is an award-winning national and Olympic-level cycling coach currently studying a PhD at UC. His research has a strong focus on longer-term athlete performance development and the psychology of long-term goals, as opposed to only going for gold medals.

Hamish initially studied his BA in Psychology at UC, and his decision to return to study his PhD was driven by the reputation of the College of Engineering and the career excellence of his supervisor Distinguished Professor Geoff Chase.

"It’s a great campus, and being a Cantabrian, it was so exciting to see the University and the community rebuild after the earthquakes. I also love the diversity of the Uni," Hamish says.

Hamish was motivated to study his PhD through coaching Olympian Olivia Podmore and other world-class cyclists. His research focuses on Cycling Biomechanics.

"I know we can provide better coaching and sport science support to these athletes and I want to contribute to the body of work in this area," he says.

"Working in the Centre for Bioengineering has really opened my eyes to the high standard of research required to really break new ground and create research that will make a positive impact!"

In 2016, Hamish joined the Roulston coaching team set up by Olympic and Commonwealth medal winning cyclist Hayden Roulston. The business provides mentoring for New Zealand’s up and coming talent to reach the pinnacle of their sport.

Utilising his athlete-coach relationship expertise and his academic knowledge of sports science and medicine from postgraduate studies, Hamish coaches road, track, cross country, endurance, and downhill cyclists. His Psychology background helps train his athletes in finding their purpose and working towards their full potential in cycling.

"I get to work with highly motivated people who inspire you through their pursuit of excellence!"

Hamish has coached riders to 84 National titles and 19 UCI World Championship Medals, and has himself twice won the Cycling New Zealand Coach of the Year for Road and Track Coaching.

He loves working with riders on road and track at all levels and says, "I want to give back to the sport that has taken me around the world, given me many opportunities, and provided so much for so many people who share my passion for performance cycling".

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