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Student story

Seth Allan

20 July 2023

"The facilities at the University of Canterbury are phenomenal..."


Studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Media and Communication

How did you go about choosing your study?

My mind instantly went towards Psychology as my first choice. A subject that I have always had passion for but never had the time or chance to explore it further. I have found that the way the human mind works always excited me and enticed me to want to learn more. 

What kind of things about a Psychology degree do you enjoy?

I thrive on expanding my knowledge and skills. Studying Psychology as a degree has definitely appeased this urge to learn more. Not only does it contain such a vast range of branches within the psychology umbrella, but it creates learning for me just that little bit more enjoyable with there being so many options to choose from. 

Why was UC your uni of choice?

I chose to study at Canterbury because I believed that it was the best fit for me. I thought that my degree best fit within the UC way of teaching and the environment seemed very friendly and welcoming. 

In what way?

The facilities at the University of Canterbury are phenomenal. With a vast range of access and accessibilities, some of them exclusive to UC, the University offers so much for students, such as myself, to get involved with. The support centres as well as the study spaces are there to be used and support you, accommodating for all practices and courses, hoping to excel all students in any area they choose. 

Speaking of facilities, you’re also staying at Arcady Hall – what’s that been like?

Choosing to go to halls, I believe, has singlehandedly made my university experience the incredible experience it is. Being surrounded in an environment with likeminded people who are both determined and uplifting, living in a hall of residence gives you an embracive and driven, but also fun way of life. With people to inspire, uplift and experience things along with you through your university journey. 

What made you choose to stay in a hall?

For one, I was ready to move out. I felt I wanted to become more independent, and this was the first step towards that. Not only had going to live in a hall of residence been recommended to me by countless friends and family members, but I also felt that whilst attending University, I wanted to meet new people. I wanted to expand my social group with people from all around the country who share my passion and drive to learn.

How was it when you first moved in?

One challenge that I found was leaving home. It was hard and was a huge step in my life as it being one of the first times being away from home. But, as soon as I arrived at Arcady Hall, I realised that it was silly of me to worry. I soon realised that everybody was feeling the exact same way. We all missed home. We all were nervous. But that, I think, makes the connections I made with people even more special because we all started in the same place.

So what’s been the best part about Arcady?

The highlight of my experience so far has definitely been the environment that we are living in. After only around 8 weeks of living together, I feel so connected, accepted, and comfortable with the people around me within the hall. Arcady Hall does this exceptionally well whilst being one of the smaller halls. It excels the idea of a community within the accommodation rather than just a place to sleep and eat. It created this welcoming environment where everyone feels included, accepted and at home. 

Slowly, over time, I have felt Arcady Hall become my home with a new family of lifelong friends to live with.

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