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Student story

Alyssa Labradores

20 July 2023

"I found it thrilling having the chance to apply what I’ve learnt in lectures and create something real for an organisation..."


Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management

HR Intern, Tait Communications

Alyssa is working towards a career managing business development and operations after completing her university studies.

Originally from the Philippines, Alyssa's studies in Human Resource Management (HRM), and Operations and Supply Chain Management, was the perfect combination to help realise her goals at UC.

"I enjoy the academic support available to students. The Commerce lecturers provided an extreme amount of knowledge, and the atmosphere in the Puaka-James Hight Library was always tip top for focus!"

Having the opportunity to apply her HR knowledge in an Intern Consulting Project (MGMT 390) at Tait Communications gave her an added advantage.

Working in a large and diverse company, Alyssa's project involved creating a mentoring programme, Women in Tait (WIT), to help promote inclusivity.

"This involved liaising with the HR Advisor, HR Business Partner, and Global HR Manager to design and develop WIT. The result is a 3-month pilot that will be implemented, with a view to creating a mentoring programme for the whole organisation," she says.

As part of developing the programme, Alyssa gained experience in research, communication, and presentation skills, pitching the programme to the company. She also now has professional experience creating a Learning and Development programme, which will tie directly into her future work in HR.

Another key benefit was seeing how it all relates to the theory she has learnt in her HRM studies.

"The internship allowed me to understand my studies in more depth and realise the issues that organisations come across in the era of fast-paced technological changes," she says. "The theory taught me best-practice, and the internship taught me how to bend best-practice to create something that is best for the context.

"I learnt that HR can be administrative and strategic depending on the organisation and the nature of the role you have in the HR team. This is where the HR management system (HRIS) comes in really handy because it allows HR to reduce the administrative aspects so they can focus on the strategic aspect of the business."

Alyssa says that her internship gave her the confidence to work in real-world business settings, and helped her decide on a career path as either an HR Global Manager or Procurement Manager.

"It's a different world beyond university and I found it thrilling having the chance to apply what I've learnt in the lecture theatres and finally create something real for an organisation. At the same time, transition my mindset from a student to a professional," she says.

"Never see the internship as a challenge, see it as an opportunity. Be prepared to be uncomfortable and be open to failure. Expect that you won't know everything but don't forget to take the initiative to research and then ask for recommendations. It's better to approach someone with a solution in mind first rather than a question alone.

"Have a plan for your project, clarify the goal and define the steps to get there; and always set timelines!"

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