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Student story

Jared McNicoll

26 December 2023

Studying towards a Bachelor of Commerce (Operations and Supply Chain Management & Information Systems)


UCE Involvement:

Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp (2017)
Summer Startup Programme (2017)


President, InfoSoc (2017) 

How did you first get involved with the UC Centre for Entrepreneurship (UCE)?

Michelle Panzer came to speak at one our of lectures about the Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp. I thought it sounded interesting, so I signed up, and here we are now!

What was the Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp about?

The legal industry is an industry that will soon be disrupted by tech. The Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp was all about designing tech solutions to legal problems that typically don’t get handled much.

The competition was held over a weekend. After an initial brainstorm, we slowly refined, validated and received feedback on our ideas. On the last day, we presented our idea in front of a panel of judges and placed third, winning $500!

Being a part of the Lane Neave LawTech Bootcamp was really cool because I was able to meet people within the industry. Specifically, I really loved talking to Dr Pozza, a specialist in space law! 

What did you learn from your experience?

The experience opened my eyes to law tech, which wasn’t a field I had ever considered – and now I’ve been accepted into the Summer Startup Programme with my law tech venture!

What is your venture about?

I’ve currently got two ventures. The first is trying to solve the issue that there is a lack of decent practice management that easily captures data about clients and reporting standards. In particular, there is lots of small software out there, but nothing to applies to everyone – just specific aspects of law. The second relates to text mining case law; using infographics and statistics to better understand and research.

What advice would you give to students wanting to get involved with UCE?

Just do it - especially if you are thinking about jobs! Employers are looking more at extra curriculars, instead of just grades, so the more things you can do, the more of a point of difference you’ll have.

What are your aspirations for the future?

I just want to keep learning and developing my skills. Specifically, I’d love to get into business analysis.

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