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CC24: Alexander the Great

04 November 2023

Head of Alexander the Great

Plaster cast, Ministry of Culture Casts and Reproductions, Greece, 1988

Dimensions: H 35cm
Acc #: CC24, James Logie Memorial Collection

Copy of a marble head of the Alexander the Great, ca. 335 BC
Found at the Acropolis, Athens
Acropolis Museum, Athens, #: 1331



The original of this head of Alexander the Great dates to the end of the Classical period, when Alexander was around 20 years old. Alexander's elaborate hair seems almost like a mane, as it falls over his forehead and covers his ears. This is not only reflects his youth, but also the way in which Alexander was 'lionised' for his military achievements. Alexander’s eyes are set deep into his face under strong brows, which may be an over-emphasis of his features in order to achieve greater contrast. In this way, the treatment of this portrait looks forward to the sculpture of the Hellenistic period.



Alexander III, king of Macedonia, was a renowned military leader who conquered one of the largest empires the world had yet seen. This head, which was found at the Acropolis in Athens, is attributed to the sculptor Leochares, who is said to have sculpted the Apollo Belvedere.

Athens was involved in the Corinthian League, which was a federation of Greek city-states that formed a military alliance. This League was founded by Alexander's father, Philip II of Macdeon, whom Alexander succeeded in 336 BC. Given where it was found, the original statue is most likely to have been an honorific dedication to show gratitude or appreciation.


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Reverse view of the Head of Alexander

Side view of the Head of Alexander

Front view of the Head of Alexander
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