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CC12: Herakles

04 November 2023

Head of Herakles

Plaster cast, Ministry of Culture Casts and Reproductions, Greece, 1988

DimensionsH 14cm
Acc #: CC12, James Logie Memorial Collection

Copy of marble head of Herakles wearing the lion’s skin, sixth century BC
Found at ancient Agora, Athens
Ancient Agora Museum, Athens, #: S 1295



This head of the ancient Greek hero Herakles is in the archaic style, as is evident from his ‘archaic’ smile, almond-shaped eyes, and distinctive hairstyle. We know that this is Herakles because of the lionskin he wears. It is probable that the lion’s skin is the Nemean Lion, which Herakles fought in the first of his Twelve Labours, and with which he is frequently shown in ancient art. In Greek mythology Herakles kept the skin of the lion for a personal cloak.



The original marble statue was found in ancient Agora in Athens, which was central to political, economic, administrative, social, and religious activities. It is possible that the statue was given as a votive to Herakles.

There is a small circular hole at the back of the head and a second hole beneath the ear of the lionskin. These may have been part of the original sculpture, either to support the head or perhaps for an additional accessory.

Side view of the Head of Herakles

Reverse view of the Head of Herakles

Side view of the Head of Herakles

Front view of the Head of Herakles

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