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CC19: Youth

04 November 2023

Head of a Youth


Plaster cast, Ministry of Culture Casts and Reproductions, Greece, 1988

Dimensions: H 16cm; W 11 cm
Acc #: CC19, James Logie Memorial Collection

Copy of a marble head of a youth from a relief, c.460 BC
Found on the south slope of the Acropolis, Athens
National Archaeological Museum, Athens, #: 1949


This youth is of the early Classical / Severe style, with a face that is more rounded, volumetric and thoughtful in its expression than earlier examples of Severe style youths. The head is clearly from a relief, as is indicated by the flat left side of the head, which shows where it was removed from a relief panel. The size of the head is around one quarter life size.



This cast has been copied from a relief sculpture found on the south slope of the Acropolis in Athens. The original is dated to around 460 BC. It is difficult to tell what sort of relief scene this sculpture was part of. Because the youth is seen from a three-quarter view, it is possible he was not the main figure in the relief.

Classical heads of young males in Greek art are often described as reflecting athleticism and physical prowess, attributes which were also celebrated in the heroes and gods of myth. In the Classical style, the introduction of a thoughtful gaze and the contrapposto stance were meant to associate youths with heroes and gods.

The cast in the Logie Collection has a small hook of the back. This was inserted during the casting process for hanging.

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